automotive grade SCR Thyristors

Automotive-grade Thyristors with 1200V blocking capability at 150°C junction temperature

AEC-Q101 SCR Thyristors provide control over inrush current for battery chargers and safely handle capacitor discharges

ST's 1200 V, automotive-grade SCR Thyristors, TN4050HP-12WY (40 A) and TN6050HP-12WY (60 A), offer optimized power losses dissipation and are AEC-Q101 qualified for EV on-board chargers from 3.7 to 22 kW. Thanks to their 600 A surge current capability and 200 A/μs turn-on reliability, they also fit battery management systems. Fully rated at 150 °C, the TN6050HP-12WY SCR offers 1 kV/μs immunity, 1400 V surge, ideal for handling capacitor discharges.

Key features

  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • IT(RMS) = 40 A (TN4050HP-12WY) and 60 A (TN6050HP-12WY)
  • VDRM & VRRM = 1200 V
  • Smart Inrush Current Limitation with IEC 61000-3-3 compliance
  • High AC switching life expectancy compared to relay

Application examples

on board charger 3.7 to 11 kW EV on-board chargers
ev battery EV and PHEV battery management systems
charging station Charging stations
ups UPS Bypass relays

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