Battery Management System Solutions: 36 V and beyond from BMS ICs to the MCU

ST develops car electrification solutions to help vehicle makers build longer range and more affordable electric vehicles, as well as advanced digitalization systems to ensure new levels of performance and safety.

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of the automotive sector, ST offers a scalable solution able to daisy chain up to 31 L9963E BMS ICs, each one able to manage up to 14 battery cells.

Based on our SPC58 automotive MCUs for traditional applications or Stellar integration MCUs for software-defined vehicles, our automotive-grade products provide for the highest safety requirements reaching ASIL-D.

The electrification of mainstream vehicles demands turnkey solutions that are easier to implement. Thanks to our comprehensive development ecosystem built around our SPC5-Studio framework, developers can save design time and resources for more cost-effective systems.

Download our flyer and discover our comprehensive BMS solution.

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