Device commissioning

made easy with NFC

Commissioning refers to the process of adding a new device to a network or establishing a connection between two devices, with the aim of configuring settings and ensuring smooth collaboration between them.

What does NFC bring to device commissioning?

Adding new devices to an existing network can be a cumbersome process, involving various steps such as identification, authentication, parameter settings, etc. Near-field communication (NFC), a convenient and always on radio link, drastically simplifies this process while improving the user experience.

Because more than 70% of smartphones embed an NFC reader, companies can now fast-track device commissioning. A simple tap is all it takes! By approaching their smartphones close to an NFC-enabled device, end-users can initiate and perform the entire commissioning process in record time.

Additionally, a diverse range of networks, including Wi-Fi, LoRa, Matter, Thread, BLE, among others, can be commissioned with the support of NFC technology.

Beyond device commissioning, companies can create additional use cases such as automatic configuration on manufacturing lines (directly into prepacked products), maintenance and diagnostics, and consumer engagement.

Key applications

Companies can fast-track device commissioning in a wide range of markets:

ST25 NFC products for commissioning

The ST25 Dynamic NFC tag is particularly suited for device commissioning. The ST25D offers an NFC interface on one side and an I2C link connected to a microcontroller, such as STM32, on the other side.

Developers have access to a range of features, including Fast Transfer Mode to optimize the commissioning process. Additionally, the ST25 Dynamic NFC tag is available in a range of compact packages to simplify the integration process.

Product Description Product pages
ST25DV-I2C series NFC dynamic tag- Complete feature set with wired interface, up to 64-Kbit of EEPROM memory See More

Commissioning over various networks

LoRa provisioning with NFC

LoRa® is a long-range, low data rate and low-power wireless communication system. Each LoRa® device is provisioned with cryptographic keys and registered on a LoRaWAN® network. NFC technology offers multiple benefits compared to other provisioning methods, as it can be handled in the field. The ST25DV64KC NFC dynamic tag is perfectly suited for LoRa provisioning.

evaluation board NFC universal device ST25R3916-DISCO

Thread commissioning using NFC

Thread is a low-power and low-latency wireless networking protocol.

ST25DV64KC NFC device enables quick and easy setup of Thread-enabled devices, simplifying the commissioning process and ensuring secure and accurate data transfer.

More examples of device commissioning using NFC

  • • Easily communicate the Wi-Fi network credentials to an NFC-enabled device using a connection handover and the TNEP protocol, as defined by the NFC Forum standard. Learn more
  • • Pair IoT devices to any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network, using NFC as an out of band channel with an Android™ phone to avoid potential ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks. Learn more
  • • Facilitate the commissioning of Matter-based smart home devices such as thermostats, kitchen appliances, cameras, TVs, and more.

NFC commissioning is a game-changing technology that helps businesses improve their operations and enhance customer experiences. By streamlining data transfer and ensuring the security of your information, NFC helps you stay ahead of the competition. Supporting a broad range of networks, NFC is a versatile and flexible solution that can support all your device commissioning scenarios.