automotive esd protection

Automotive ESD protection devices for CAN & LIN bus


The ESDCAN series improves the quality of protection of the high-speed CAN and LIN transceivers without affecting the capacitance budget and reduces PCB size by 75% compared to conventional solutions.

The increased use of electronics in cars deeply modifies the E/E architecture with high-density boards concentrating tens of high-speed CAN or CAN-FD links, requiring highly integrated protection solutions. ST offers a wide range of AEC-Q101 CAN protection devices for passenger cars (12 V batteries) or commercial vehicles (24 V batteries) covering fault-tolerant CAN, CAN-FD, LIN and even FlexRay communication protocols.

Key features

  • Dual-line ESD and EOS protection
  • Bidirectional devices
  • Maximum pulse current: 5.5 A (8/20 μs)
  • Stand-off voltage: from 24 V up to 36 V
  • Low leakage current: 100 nA (max.)
  • Compliant with:
    • ISO 7637-3a and 3b
    • ISO 10605 / IEC 61000-4-2: up to 30 kV air and contact
    • ISO 16750-2
    • AEC-Q101


  • ESD and EOS plug-and-play protection solutions for CAN transceivers already approved by various car makers
  • Enables high-density PCBs thanks to tiny, compact packages (SOT323-3L, QFN-3L, and DFN1110)
  • Design and layout flexibility with wide range of products with low capacitance
  • Covers most mission profiles with reliability tests performed at maximum TJ =175°C for CAN-FD, Flexray and various voltages to fit car and truck requirements.

Application examples

can controller area network CAN (Controller Area Network)
LIN (Local Interconnect Network)
can flexray FlexRay
line capacitance Line capacitance compatible as well with USB 2.0 and IEEE 100BASE-T1

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