Download our latest IO-Link technology guide

IO-Link technology is rapidly changing the world with a wide and diversified range of stakeholders, from manufacturers and integrators to end users. As IO-Link solutions are becoming increasingly pervasive in industry, ST is at the forefront of innovation with products and solutions that help our customers implement the most efficient IO-Link gateways.

Download our updated IO-Link brochure to discover our newest dual-channel transceiver IC as well as all of our latest solutions in terms of hardware and software tools to ensure you and your team get only the best for your design.

This brochure covers the following topics:

  • Why industrial sensors’ manufacturers are migrating to IO-Link?
  • IO-Link specifications
  • ST and IO-Link: a long history of success
  • L6360 master transceiver IC
  • L6362A transceiver device IC
  • L6364 dual-channel IO-Link transceiver IC
  • Evaluation tools and software
  • Full ecosystem with developer resources and application use cases