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Have you ever wondered how developing IoT applications could be easier? ST makes designing IoT applications accessible to everyone with the new multi-sensor and wireless connectivity development kit for intelligent IoT nodes!

Our SensorTile.box PRO (STEVAL-MKBOXPRO) is the new ready-to-use programmable wireless kit for developing and evaluating IoT applications based on remote data gathering.

You can enjoy the complete SensorTile.box experience regardless of your level of expertise. It is adapted for any skill level with support for learning and prototyping with simple to advanced programming by offering three development modes: entry, expert, and pro.
You can even work from your smartphone via Bluetooth using the dedicated BLE Sensor Classic mobile app (STBLESensClassic) available for free for Android and iOS.

SensorTile.box PRO is equipped with our latest generation of smart, open and accurate MEMS sensors together with an ultra-low-power STM32U5 MCU and our ultra-low-power Programmable Bluetooth® LE 5.2 Wireless SoC. These elements are key to enabling an ultra-low-power battery-powered IoT node.

On-demand webinar | Ready to become a superhero in your IoT domain?

This webinar explores the advanced programming mode of SensorTile.box PRO and provides guidance on how to leverage the STM32 ODE and dedicated software packs for deep functionality.


  • How you can solve many technical challenges with just one wireless connectivity development kit: SensorTile.box PRO
  • About PRO mode of the SensorTile.box PRO for programming customized IoT applications
  • A demo developed using STM32CubeIDE and dedicated function packs

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How to get started with SensorTile.box PRO

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions regarding the SensorTile.box PRO? Consult our FAQ page to find answers.

Application characteristics:

SensorTile.box PRO is a flexible toolkit with state-of-the-art sensing, processing and connectivity technology and ready-to-use software packages. There is no need for component selection, hardware assembly, or deployment of a real-time operating system, or a development environment. You can simply use a mobile app in your smartphone to program the board.

The Sensortile.box PRO is a programmable wireless box kit that can be used in IoT applications based on remote data gathering and evaluation. Examples are wearables, smart home devices, healthcare, smart transportation, sport, fitness and many more.

SensorTile.box PRO can connect to various devices, including smartphones, tablets and to other IoT devices via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology. Moreover, the SensorTile.box PRO can be connected to PC and other IoT devices via USB type-C. Additionally, it has an integrated microSD card slot for standalone data logging applications.

The SensorTile.box PRO is equipped with a wide range of sensors that can be used for various applications. These sensors include accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and MEMS digital microphone. There is also a DIL24 socket for ST MEMS sensor adapter. These sensors can be used individually or in combination to create custom applications for various industries and use cases, such as IoT, wearables, and smart home devices.

The STEVAL-MKBOXPRO development kit includes: the SensorTile.Box Pro (main board), a plastic case with M2.5 screws, a 480 mAh 3.7 V LiPo battery, Qvar electrodes, wireless charger receiver circuit, programmable NFC tag, microSD card, STEVAL-MKIGIBV4 STLINK adapter with programming cable.

SensorTile.box PRO is certified for Europe (CE, RED), US (FCC), Canada (IC), UK (UKCA). For more information, download the user manual.

Technical characteristics:

The product dimensions are: 40 x 63 x 24 mm.

The SensorTile.box PRO comes with a rechargeable long-life 480 mAh 3.7 V LiPo battery. The battery life can be extended up to several weeks by optimizing the power consumption of the device to enter low-power modes when not in use.

The SensorTile.box PRO can be programmed in C language through the use of different development environments, such as the STM32 ODE, which provides a comprehensive development environment for STM32 microcontrollers along with dedicated STM32 function packs. Additionally, using STM32CubeMX, X-CUBE-AI extension can be used to create and deploy AI-based applications on the device.

STMicroelectronics provides various promotional materials for the SensorTile.box PRO, including data brief (detailed technical specifications and features), user manuals (step-by-step instructions on how to use the device), application notes (how to use the device for specific applications and use cases), videos, and much more.

You can get help in different ways: The user manual (UM3133) offers detailed information about the device, its operation and features as well as specific technical information. There is also a quick start guide to help you to quickly be up and running with the kit. Join the MEMS community for all the latest information, design tips and insights.