Power Management Guide

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When designing a power management system or subsystem, regardless of whether it is an energy generation or distribution system, a power supply or a LED driving circuit, an industrial SMPS or an electric vehicle power application, it must provide high efficiency and low standby power, as well as high power density, reliability and safety, while respecting specific cost constraints.
The key enablers for any such system are discrete and integrated power semiconductors, which play a crucial role in every step along the energy supply chain and, when applied in conjunction with advanced control
technologies, can drive continuous improvement in energy savings for homeowners and communities, and ultimately for the entire planet.
The technological innovation, which persists at the core of ST strategy for more than 30 years, is the reason why ST today can offer an extensive range of cutting edge products for power and energy management.

Download our Power Management Guide and discover how our resources and solutions can help you find the best design for your system.