New RF Power LDMOS Transistor

RF2L16180CB4: New RF Power LDMOS Transistor

rf power ldmos transistor

The right solution for multicarrier base stations and industrial-scientific-medical applications

Based on our innovative IDCH technology, the RF2L16180CB4 expands the range of applications, giving power RF designers a competitive edge for cost-efficient solutions in addition to superior performance in multicarrier WCDMA/PCS/DCS/LTE base stations and ISM applications with frequencies from 1300 to 1600 MHz.

Combining a shorter conduction channel length with a high power density, this 180 W, 28 V internally matched LDMOS transistor comes with 4 leads that can be configured as single ended, 180-degree push-pull or 90-degree hybrid or Doherty with the proper external matching network.

Key features of RF2L16180CB4

  • High efficiency and linear gain operations
  • Integrated ESD protection
  • Internally matched for ease of use
  • Optimized for Doherty applications
  • Large positive and negative gate-source voltage range for improved class C operation
  • Complies with European Directive 2002/95/EC

Application examples

antenna Multicarrier base stations
industrial Industrial applications
microscope Scientific applications
medical xray Medical applications
stmicroelectronics introduces new rf ldmos power transistors

STMicroelectronics Introduces New RF LDMOS Power Transistors

Featuring high efficiency and low thermal resistance and packaged to handle high RF power, STPOWER LDMOS devices combine a short conduction-channel length with a high breakdown voltage. These characteristics permit a cost-effective solution with low power consumption and high reliability.

28/32 V LDMOS

New IDCH power RF LDMOS technology gives superior performance at frequencies up to 4 GHz.

28 32 v ldmos rf power transistors