Fast-track your embedded security journey!

Deploy robust security mechanisms in a simpler way

Increase security and reduce complexity with the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager.

Discover the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager, the industry-first trusted execution environment for a 32-bit MCU, which is used in the high-performance STM32H5 for the first time.

How can the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager improve your security journey? Available as a software package, this solution allows you to increase security levels while simplifying your design process.

Turnkey security services

A complete toolset of hardware and software in a confined environment, including isolation, cryptography, key storage, and initial attestation.

SESIP and PSA Level 3 target certifications

Security services developed according to the best practices. System-level certifications to speed up your qualification process.

Maintenance over the product lifecycle

Maintenance against functional and security flaws over the product lifetime, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Simplify complex security implementations with the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager

On-demand webinar
September 7, 2023

    You will learn:
  • how this TEE security solution can help speed up your time to market.
  • how to get started easily with the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager on the STM32H5.
  • how to leverage this solution to protect your software IP.
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Get started now: use the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager on the STM32H5 discovery kit

This kit is the first to support the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager. Explore the STM32H5 features and boost security.

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Suitable for many applications

Factory automation
Medical and healthcare
Smart homes
Personal electronics
Smart cities

Bridging the gap between security constraints and fast time to market

Use STM32Trust and free up time to focus on developing your applications!

Still have some doubts on how to use the Secure Manager?

download now the STM32H5 Security FAQ

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