1500W transient voltage suppressor (TVS)

Smallest 1500W transient voltage suppressor (TVS) on the market

1500w tvs

Optimize space, weight and cost with 175°C capable 1500 W TVS

The use of an SMB Flat package able to handle 1500 W instead of an SMC package provides 56% size reduction, 59% thickness reduction, 76% weight reduction and a non-negligible price advantage.

Key features of ST's 1500 W TVS

  • 5 to 64 V stand-off voltage, unidirectional devices
  • Compatible with hot environments thanks to high temperature ratings: 1500 W at 25 °C & 1100 W at 175°C
  • Easily choose between Automotive- (AEC-Q101 qualified from –55 to 175 °C) and Industrial-grade versions having the same electrical characteristics
  • Thickness reduction: 1 mm max.
  • Lighter package for lower application weight
  • Cost-effective
10 year longevity

Application examples

motor control Motor control
drone Robots & Drones
power tools Power tools
telecom Telecommunication equipment
power line protection circuits Power line protection circuits
automotive Automotive DC-to-DC converters and power rails

And more applications, such as:

  • e-bikes
  • SMPS
  • Power supply rails
  • MOSFET and IGBT protection circuits
  • LNB circuits and power supplies
  • Hard disk drives
  • and many more...
1500w tvs pdf flyer

The smallest 1500 W TVS on the market: More power in SMB flat package (Flyer)

ST's 1500 W Transil™ series offers the absolute best-in-class performance at full power even with high junction temperature.

ST Protection Finder mobile app

A user-friendly product selector ensuring a smooth and simple navigation experience and includes a parametric search engine that lets you rapidly identify the right product that best fits your application. Available on Google Play, App Store and Wandoujia.

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power management guide pdf

Power management guide

Explore the key enablers for efficient power management systems designed to improve energy savings for homeowners and communities, and ultimately for the entire planet.

Our automotive-grade TVS portfolio meets extreme reliability and quality requirements

A unique choice of high-performance, automotive-grade (AEC-Q101) versions to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and standards.

automotive tvs

TVS Flat packages for automotive: ISO 7637/10605 rated and 175 °C capability

AEC-Q101 qualified, ST's TVS Flat series ensures improved robustness and reliability in harsh environments.

SMB15F, the First 1,500 W TVS Diode in a Tiny SMB Flat Package, Now Qualified

The new SMB15F family of 1,500 W transient-voltage-suppression diodes in an SMB Flat package is now qualified. The smaller package offers a footprint reduction of 50% compared to its SMC equivalent.

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PDF SMC outline no more necessary for 1500 W TVS

1500 W TVS in an SMB Flat package: SMC outline no more necessary for 1500 W TVS

This document presents the advantages of the SMB15F TVS series compare to the SMCJ and the SM15T TVS series, while keeping the same electrical performances.