SPC58 N line performance automotive MCUs with large memory and advanced timers

Designed for mission-critical automotive applications where the most stringent safety standards and real-time performance really matter

SPC58 N Line MCUs offer outstanding performance with up to 3 cores (with an additional 2 cores paired in lockstep for redundancy) and 6 Mbytes of embedded Flash memory as well as separate Successive Approximation Register (SAR) and sigma-delta ADCs ensuring speed, accuracy and high-resolution sensing. Its embedded intelligent generic timer module (GTM) enables real-time control loops supporting advanced engine management and transmission applications.


Key features of SPC58 N line

10 year longevity


  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Comprehensive new generation ASIL-D safety concept
  • Embedded Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Intelligent Generic Timer Module (GTM344)

Application examples

  • 3 cores @ 200 MHz each (with an additional 2 cores paired in lockstep for redundancy)
  • 6 Mbytes of Flash memory
  • 12-bit ADCs, 16-bit Σ-Δ ADCs
Advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS)

Braking system
Electric Power Steering (EPS)
Hybrid (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV) motor drives
Active suspension

Recommended resources

SPC58 N Line premium boards for advanced prototyping

Designed for advanced development, premium boards offer full access to all the features and functions of our SPC5 32-bit automotive microcontrollers. The multilayer approach allows developers to test any package configuration. These kits include daughter/adapter boards for each specific package available for each SPC5 series.

Motherboard for SPC58 families of microcontrollers. Includes: universal power supply, documentation CD


Socketed mini module for SPC58 E/N/G lines in eLQFP176 package

Socketed mini module for SPC58 C, E, G and N lines in BGA292 package.

SPC5-STUDIO open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

SPC5-STUDIO is an Eclipse plug-in development environment offering a very intuitive and customizable framework to build and deploy embedded applications for SPC5 Power architecture 32-bit microcontrollers.
Integrating software development tools, device configuration tools and example code, SPC5-STUDIO is a complete solution to speed up project development.

StellarLINK in-circuit debugger/programmer for SPC5 and Stellar automotive microcontrollers

StellarLINK is a cost-effective, passive USB-to-JTAG debugger and programmer dongle for automotive MCUs, supporting the whole family of Stellar MCUs, SR5 and SR6, as well as the traditional SPC5 microcontrollers.


USB/JTAG adapter for debugging and programming SPC5x MCUs
Hardware development tool

Full set of tools including source file management, project building and powerful HLL debugger with high-speed communication paths to targeted hardware systems with target monitor. Includes a perpetual, full-feature, limited code-size (256 Kbytes) license for use with SPC5-STUDIO.

Automotive SPC5 MCUs: safety and performance

Discover our high-performance MCUs for real-time control in mission-critical automotive applications.