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Evaluation tool with NFC
makes condition monitoring easy

STEVAL-SMARTAG2 simplifies environmental tracking

The STEVAL-SMARTAG2 is an NFC-enabled sensor node with inertial MEMS sensors and environmental sensors, an STM32 microcontroller, and an ST25 dynamic NFC tag for communication with NFC readers, such as tablets and smartphones.

Optimized user experience

A convenient and efficient way to monitor data with the ST25DV64KC NFC dynamic tag.

Easily get started with a complete evaluation kit

A large choice of sensors coming with various applications—web app, Android, iOS

Additional features to go further

Optional components to be populated for authentication, charging, and much more

NFC-enabled sensor and processing node

Boost performance and security, in an affordable way!

Discover the new board.

Software and additional resources

FP-SNS-SMARTAG2 is an STM32Cube function pack for STEVAL-SMARTAG2 evaluation board with Dynamic NFC Tag, environmental, motion, and ambient light sensors

The ST25DV64KC is our NFC product suitable for smart connectivity in monitoring applications. This NFC Dynamic tag offers up to 64‑Kbit of high reliability EEPROM memory and features high speed I²C link in addition to NFC Type 5 RF interface.

NFC for smart industry

Discover how NFC can improve logistics and provide increased visibility across the supply chain. Learn how you can leverage the technology to detect faults earlier in the product life cycle.