Compact, high-performance, 10 A, 1200 V, 3-phase inverter with improved short-circuit rugged trench gate field-stop IGBTs


New SLLIMM high power IPM extends voltage levels to 3-phase mains-powered motor drives with simplified design and reduced BOM.

This new intelligent power module is part of the high power SLLIMM family and provides a compact, high-performance AC motor drive in a simple, rugged design. It combines driver control with improved short-circuit rugged 1200 V trench gate field-stop IGBTs in a module designed for 3-phase inverters motor drives.

Key features

  • Built-in bootstrap diodes
  • Short-circuit rugged
  • Shutdown input/fault output
  • Comparator for fault protection
  • Isolation rating of 2500 Vrms/min

Application examples

hvac HVAC
inverter vfd General-Purpose Inverters (GPI)
servo motor Servo motors

Recommended resources

pdf motor control

Download the latest edition to find the solution you need for your motor control system design.

tn1381 mounting instruction for sllimm high power sdiphp30l stmicroelectronics

The mounting instructions here provide the main recommendations to appropriately handle, assemble, and rework the SDIPHP-30L intelligent power modules. It is necessary to follow some basic assembly rules to limit thermal and mechanical stresses or ensure optimal thermal conduction and electrical insulation.

mosfet finder

The STPOWER Module Finder mobile app is a user-friendly way to search our SLLIMM and ACEPACK portfolios, offering a smooth and simple navigation experience. The parametric search engine allows the user to rapidly identify the right product that best fits your application. Available on Google Play and App Store.

an5876 sllimm high power 1200 v 10 a for industrial application stmicroelectronics

This new SLLIMM high power 1200 V, 10 A expands the existing SLLIMM high power product portfolio, approaching higher voltage level required by applications such as: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), general purpose inverters (GPI), and servo motors. It is available in fully isolated direct bonded copper (DBC) substrate based on a transfer mold package and includes several features to enhance system reliability, such as temperature sensing, overcurrent protection, fault detection and undervoltage lockout. The aim of this application note is to provide a detailed description of the new product, providing the guidelines to the motor drive designers for an efficient, reliable, and fast design.

Discover the new high power intelligent power module family

Find out more about the new high power intelligent power module family.

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