stpay mobile

STPay-Mobile the digital wallet solution for connected lifestyles

stpay mobile

STPay-Mobile for mobile ticketing, payment, and digital access worldwide

An end-to-end solution for smartphone OEMs, STPay-Mobile simplifies the deployment of digital wallets around the world.

Based on the ST54 single-chip solution, the all-in-one STPay-Mobile platform enables more convenient and more secure services. It allows end consumers to use their smartphone as a card to pay, travel, unlock their car, and access restricted areas.

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An STSECURE solution to keep everyday cards within reach

  • Secures the private assets that end users need and value the most.
  • Offers a fast and cost-effective way to digitalize services overseas.


Interested in deploying a digital wallet solution with STPay-Mobile?

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Access control
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STPay-Mobile for virtual ticketing around the world

STPay-Mobile brings the most advanced value proposition to smartphone OEMs and Public Transit Agencies (PTAs) and is compatible with over 50 PTAs worldwide. The solution is based on NFC technology powered by Snowball Technology, the market leader in mobile ticketing platforms.

STPay-Mobile offers a one-stop-shop solution for fast and stable mobile transactions. STPay-Mobile eliminates the need for updates on PTA readers and back-end sites, and streamlines service delivery. It allows OEMs to deploy mobile wallets across several platforms and devices, while ensuring long-term viability.

This solution is compatible with all proprietary and open-transit card standards, such as MIFARE® DESFire®, Calypso and CIPURSE™, covering up to 70 tier-one cities thanks to its high interoperability.

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STPay-Mobile for secure mobile payment

STPay-Mobile provides OEMs with easy access to many Token Service Providers (TSP schemes), such as MasterCard and Visa.

This plug & play solution brings users an enhanced online, in-app, and in-store payment experience.


STPay-Mobile for hands-free car access

STPay-Mobile also offers a complete platform for end-to-end, digital car key systems.

Bringing security and convenience, STPay-Mobile enables new features for digital car keys, such as key sharing, multi-car access, and the possibility to configure driving rights. Thanks to the flexible ST54 secure System-on-Chip (SoC) and STPay-Mobile platform, this solution supports multiple schemes, thereby addressing emerging digital car key standards, like CCC, ICCE, and ICCOA.