VIPower M0-9 - Discover the key features and benefits of our latest generation of protected high-side drivers.

Vehicles are changing and our VIPower intelligent high-side switches represent a new way to think about smart driving: they play an essential role in the development of advanced automotive electronics.

Main characteristics of VIPower M0-9 Standard high side drivers:

  • Particularly well suited for use in harsh automotive environments and in applications targeting the ASIL-B
  • Embedded protection
  • The best way to replace fuses and to drive traditional lighting (LED/Xenon/halogen lamps/bulb) and different loads, making it the ideal solution for different types of ECUs actuators
  • Scalable series targeting different loads in a unique package – PowerSSO-16 package (from 4 to 80 mΩ: single-, dual- and quad-channel devices)
  • Available evaluation and simulation environment tools

Key features and benefits

  • Full pin-to-pin and software compatibility
  • Advanced protective functions
  • Module and wire harness weight reduction
  • High power density