Digital Research Privacy Information Notice

This Digital Research Privacy Information Notice (the “Notice”) explains how and why we (STMicroelectronics N.V.) process personal data for digital research. This Notice is intended to supplement the information you have already been provided with via our Privacy Statement  at the time of the creation of an account with us.


1- Why are you being contacted?

As explained in the introductory paragraph, when you have completed our registration form, we recorded in our secure system of record the personal information you shared with us and as stated in our Privacy Statement we are contacting you to learn about to help us understand how people use our online services and potential improvements we can make.


2- The personal data we are processing

We are contacting via your email address, if you decide to participate in the digital research, you will be directed to a questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will then be directed to another window to indicate your first name – last name – country – mobile phone number.

We need this data to contact you in case our Digital Marketing team selects you to participate in a verbal interview.


3- What happens if I am not selected or selected?

If you are not selected by our Digital Marketing team you will be informed by email, your personal data will be irremediably deleted from our system of record.

If you are selected by our Digital Marketing team, we will inform you via email. To undertake the verbal interview, we are using the services of two specialized agency (Usabilis or Avenir Focus), with whom we will securely share your first name – last name – country – mobile phone number and email and provide them with contractual instructions on the processing of your personal data on our behalf.


4- What happens to my data during and after the interview?

The interview will be done verbally by one of the two agencies. Please note that the agency may want to record the interview, to do so your prior consent will be required that you a free to refuse. The decision to record the interview is the agency’s choice, we will never (and we do not want to) receive a copy of the recorded interview. In fact, in our contractual instructions, we are asking the agency to share with us in an aggregate and anonymous manner an analysis of the overall results of all the interviews.

Once the agency has completed all the interviews and provided us with the aggregate and anonymous result, it has instructions to irremediably delete it as well as your personal data from their system of record.


5- Concerns and contact details

If you have questions about this Notice, please contact us:

If you want to exercise your data privacy rights, please revert to our Privacy Statement.