Software Security for data, firmware, and applications

February Thursday 8th, 2024 - 2 sessions 10am and 5pm

Compliance made easy: mastering security requirements for microcontroller-based systems

Join us for a one-hour webinar to discover a security solution to simplify your security journey and ensure compliance with complex regulations! In the session you will learn how obfuscation, whitebox cryptography and runtime self-protections can be combined to enhance the level of protection of sensitive assets.

Security in microcontrollers encompasses protecting the confidentiality and integrity of code and data.App developers require plug-and-play solutions to protect sensitive assets such as certificates, configuration files, cryptographic keys, billable data, AI learning and inference data, machine learning algorithms, and sensitive software code during the entire device life cycle. Security is no longer an option; regulations such as CRA, RED, IEC, and ETSI require that sensitive assets are correctly protected and that attackers cannot tamper with applications and firmware.

Quarkslab is a member of the STMicroelectronics partner program, and will  attend the IoT Solutions World Congress 2024 at ST Booth. Quarkslab is a valuable partner in enhancing the security of sensitive applications and firmware running within ST chipsets. During the session, Quarkslab will provide concrete use cases and success stories to demonstrate how to efficiently protect your applications with QShield.


You will learn:

  • About QShield and STM32, building a robust cyber security framework.
  • How to protect code and data confidentiality and integrity during the entire device life cycle with obfuscation, whitebox cryptography and runtime app self-protections.
  • How QShield helps achieve EU Cyber resilience act, radio equipment directive, IEC 62443-4-2, and ETSI EN 303 645.


  • Main security challenges to secure sensitive assets
  • Impacts and remediations of cyber security risks
  • How to build a robust cybersecurity framework thanks to QShield
  • How to accelerate compliance with cybersecurity regulation


Michele Sartori

Product Manager, Quarkslab

Michele is a Software Engineer and accomplished Product Manager with a specialization in Computer and Network security. Demonstrating a passion for leading dynamic tech teams at the forefront of emerging technologies, Michele consistently delivers tangible results. Throughout his career, he has led successful software commercial portfolios, managed innovative R&D projects, and defined Open Innovation processes. His technical expertise spans trusted execution environment (TEE), mobile security, cryptography, reverse engineering, and innovative solutions delivery.


Christophe Mani

Marketing security manager

Christophe Mani is a marketing security manager of STM32 products in the General Purpose Microcontroller sub group of STMicroelectronics. Based in Rousset (France), Christophe is dedicated to identifying new security market trends on IoT and industrials and define new solutions to be developed in the STM32 products and ecosystems. He has developed the STM32Trust global solution to promote and ease customer access to this new technology. Christophe has over 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry in RFID, smartcard and MCU.