Bluetooth Low Energy and Sensors Technology Software Development Kit (SDK)

BlueST-SDK is a multi-platform library (Android™ and iOS™) that enables easy access to the data exported by a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device implementing the BlueST protocol.

The BlueST protocol is easily extensible for supporting user defined data.

The protocol already defines various data coming from different sensors such as inertial sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope), environmental sensors (luminosity, temperature, pressure, humidity), and battery information (Volts, Amperes, charge state).

It implements a serial console over Bluetooth allowing stdint/stdout/stderr functions.

It also defines a configuration service to control the configuration parameters for the connected boards.

By using a common programming model for both Android™ and iOS™ platforms, BlueST-SDK makes it easy to develop applications on either system.

The library also includes a sample application that shows how to use the SDK.

All the data managed by the SDK can be logged in a CSV (coma-separated values) file.

The BlueST-SDK is released under BSD (3-clause) license terms.

The BlueST-SDK is used with the BlueMS and ST WeSU application for displaying all the information exported by the BLUEMICROYSTEM1 expansion software for STM32Cube or STEVAL-WESU1 respectively. The BlueMS and ST WeSU are available on the respective Android™/iOS™ application store.

Key Features

  • Multi-platform library (Android™/iOS™) that enables easy access to the data exported by the means of the Bluetooth Low energy protocol
  • Easily extensible for supporting new dataCommon programming model for Android™/iOS™
  • Example application available for quick startup
  • Supports data logging
  • Includes serial console (stdout/stdin/stderr) over Bluetooth
  • Includes board configuration serviceBSD license terms
  • Used for ST’s BlueMS and ST WeSU (Android™/iOS™) applications available on the respective stores




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DB2760 DB2760: Bluetooth Low Energy and sensors technology software development kit (SDK) 2.0 242 KB

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How to use BlueCoin with STBlueMS mobile app hand-on and LABs 1.0 5 MB

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