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Current consumption estimation tool

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Product overview


The Current consumption estimation tool can predict the current consumption, under different conditions, of some RF devices.

Current supported devices are: BlueNRG-MS, BlueNRG-2N Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless network processors as well as the BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2, BlueNRG-LP, BlueNRG-LPS Bluetooth® Low Energy systems-on-chip.

This application allows to provide an accurate estimation of the specified RF devices power consumption and related battery life, under various operating conditions.

As a pure simulation tool, it should not, however, be considered as a substitute for real measurements taken on the actual silicon device.

  • All features

    • Allows measurement of average current consumption for various use cases
    • Excellent correlation with real measurements
    • User-friendly, easy to parameterize
    • Available input parameters:
      • Advertising/ scanning/ connection(slave or master)
      • General settings: power/ payload/intervals/ battery capacity
    • Available output data:
      • Average current estimation
      • Battery life estimation
      • Data rate estimation
    • PC-based application
    • Output report in PDF
    • Save/ restore configuration
    • Graphical plot of the current consumption during active phase
    • Save plot in png format

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