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Mobile applications support ST customers in their product development from idea to end-product: from smart selectors to applications designed to help users drive boards, develop and test their solutions, our mobile apps are a useful tool for designers to jump-start or move forward with their project.


App Name Version iOS Android Other
ST MCU FINDER 2.2.3      
ST MOSFET Finder 2.5.1    
ST Protection Finder 1.4.0    
ST Thyristor Finder 1.2.0    
ST Sensors Finder 2.0.0    
ST DIODE Finder 1.4.0    
ST EEPROM Finder 1.0.0    
ST IGBT Finder 1.6.1    
STPOWER Module Finder 1.1.1    
ST VIPower Smart Finder 2.0.0    

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