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ST’s large portfolio of EOS 10/1000 µs transient voltage suppressors (TVS) including single diodes and arrays feature:

  • High-surge power capability from 100 to over 5000 W
  • Absolute best-in-class performance at full power even with high junction temperatures
  • High power density to increase robustness or to allow smaller packages for optimized space and cost savings

In addition to meeting or exceeding international standards to protect sensitive equipment against electrostatic discharges (ESD), our TVS are available in standard surface-mount (SMD) packages as well as the new flat and thin package variants (SMA Flat and SMB Flat).


Using ST’s power surge protection solutions, designers can replace an alternatively-sourced 1500 W, SMC-housed device with a smaller 600 W, SMA package from ST, resulting in cost savings while keeping the same protection level. This consideration is crucial for applications such as solar inverters, set-top boxes, and telecom base stations, as well as for MOSFET protection and industrial control applications.

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