ST-Up empowers the innovators of tomorrow

ST-Up empowers the innovators of tomorrow

  • Facilitate: enable easier access to ST’s products and development tools
  • Accelerate: boost the industrialization of your innovative products
  • Collaborate: allow you to work with a wide network of partners

Improve your hardware and semi startup

Our Mission
The Program
Your Benefits
Who we are

Our Mission

The project

Launched in 2018, our 18-month, 5-step program is built for startups based in Israel, Italy, France and Poland. ST provides semiconductor startups with support to accelerate the ramp up of their product offering and speed up their time-to-market.

The accelerator will select companies based on their compatibility with ST's roadmap and vision, with the aim of identifying future hardware-intensive unicorns and fostering long-term collaboration, based on ST- or jointly-developed SoCs and/or intellectual property.

Provide resources and consulting services

Tailored for hardware and semiconductor startups growing their business, we ensure a facilitated access to ST’s portfolio of products, development tools and technologies.
Our program focuses on your needs. We provide consulting services and a privileged access to ST’s R&D, manufacturing, laboratories and testing environments.

Build strategic partnerships

Cooperation leads to success. We offer you the opportunity to build a stable and professional network. Join the program to build your strategic network in the semiconductor industry.

For semiconductor startups

For semiconductor startups

Series A

Series A

For companies which are in the development stage and looking for financing

Series B

Series B

For companies that are passed the development stage and that focus on ramping up their offer to meet market demand

Later Stage

Later Stage

For more mature companies looking to invest more capital to foster quick and profitable growth

The 18-month program



3 months

ST-Up runs a startup pitch challenge



3 months

ST-Up experts meet startups during workshops


Proof of concept

6 months

A prototype solution is built and validated



6 months

Mentorship, bootcamps, business development support with ecosystem of ST Partners


Demo Days

1 week

Your partnership with ST will be presented to strategic partners.

Your Benefits

Cutting edge technologies

Get facilitated access to ST's portfolio of products, technologies and development tools.

Consulting and services

Benefit from our expertise in product design and manufacturing

Build partnership

Grow your network for long-term partnerships

Be first and be global

Use ST technologies to stay on top of worldwide market trends

Who we are

Cooperation leads to success

Now more than ever!

ST-Up was created in 2018 in Israel with the aim of leveraging ST's expertise to collaborate with fresh and agile semiconductor startups and help them develop innovative solutions. Launched in Israel as pilot country, the ST-Up accelerator for semiconductor companies is now extending its reach to European countries (Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Hungary and Poland).

Your Contact

Stephane M. CHOUCHAN Country Manager, Israel

ST-Up founder and EMEA program manager, Stephane has been running the program for 3 years.

Noa KATZMAN Project coordinator, Israel

ST-Up project coordinator in Israel.

Noemie HAZIZA ST-Up Accelerator Referent

Key figures

200+ startups
400+ active partners
10+ alumni startups
3+ pilot projects

Program scope and locations

ST-Up with KAMAMI Partnership
Nowogrodzka 11, 00-513 Warszawa, Poland
Phone: (+48) 225290595
ST-Up with Grenoble Lab
12, rue Jules Horowitz, 38019 Grenoble Cedex, France
Phone: (+33) 476585000
ST-Up with Torino City Lab
Via Camillo Olivetti n.2, 20864 Agrate Brianza (MB), Italy
Phone: (+39) 0293519035
ST-Up with Impact Labs
HaPelech 7, Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone: +972 9 863 2612
  • Pilote Country for accelerator

Become a partner

Be exposed to the next cutting edge Technology

Enlarge your technical and business Network

Benefit from ST's database of Business Leads

If you are a company specialized in electronic design automation, a venture capital firm, a business angel, a startup incubator, or a software company and are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

Our last events

2022 U-spiration day by ST-Up, Impact Labs and Tikkun Olam Makers in Tel Aviv
2021 Italian Challenge hosted by STMicroelectronics CIO A.Cremonesi
2021 Smart Mobility Challenge in Torino
2021 ST-Up Challenge in Grenoble, France
2019 Innovation Night
2019 IIA MoU Signature
2022 U-spiration day by ST-Up, Impact Labs and Tikkun Olam Makers in Tel Aviv

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