Information Notice – Photographic images and videos

This Information Notice tells you what to expect when a legal entity that is a member of the STMicroelectronics corporate group (ST) organizes an event during which photographs or videos which include you are recorded.

The personal information (i.e., your photographic image or video and if appropriate your name and identifying information will be collected) you provide as part of photographic or video shoot event will be used by ST to promote its professional and commercial activities, which may be made available to the general public at any point in time. It may be used in digital channels, including websites and social media managed by ST, in printed media produced by or for ST, such as prospectuses, guides, and training products, and/or in non-ST materials such as magazines and newspapers, or on a live stream of an event. Personal information may also be used around ST’s premises, for example on information screens or billboards. Please note that video footage or quotations may be edited to keep them concise, without changing the meaning of what you said.

ST will use your personal information based on its legitimate business interest to record and promote its professional and commercial activities.

This Information Notice will be made available to you prior to the capture of your personal information to inform you that we will be capturing and using your personal information pursuant to this Information Notice.

ST uses external partners to communicate and promote its professional and commercial activities on its behalf. Therefore, your personal information may be shared with partner agencies involved in such activities.

When ST uses your image online, this may be subject to international data transfer, and we may also share your personal information with agencies which operate outside of your country of residence.

All personal information that we collect is held securely and treated as confidential.

Please note that we take great care to ensure we follow all the best practices and applicable laws. However, once a picture or video has been processed and incorporated into a work of art or product, retracting that picture or video will be very difficult and sometimes impossible.

This is why we rely on you to inform us of your wishes and preferences. Upon entering one of our events, you can express your privacy wishes. If you notice that your picture or video was taken at any time, we encourage you to approach the photo and video team and express your wishes regarding your privacy rights.

As far as possible, our official photographers position themselves in a visible manner to indicate their intention of taking a picture of you and/or your group. When possible, they will turn the camera screen around to show you the resulting picture and ask if you are happy with it.

That said, we understand that there are situations where you wish to participate in our events but still want to avoid being in any pictures or videos. We kindly ask you to make your wishes known to our staff upon entering. We will introduce you to our photographer/videographer and ask them to avoid taking pictures with you as one of the center subjects.

Please know that when it comes to your rights, there is a difference between you being the main subject of the photo, video, or you being depicted incidentally, e.g., in the background of the picture or in a larger crowd.

If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your personal information or if you want to exercise your data privacy rights (e.g., deletion, etc.), please contact Corporate Compliance, Ethics and Privacy at