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Electric brake booster

Designed to reduce the amount of pedal pressure needed for braking, electric brake boosters, which use a sensor in the brake pedal to read a driver's actions, are progressively replacing mechanical vacuum brake booster systems.  Increasingly used by carmakers to enhance driver comfort and passenger safety, these electric brake boosters use a dedicated electronic system to process the signals from the brake pedal and operate the master cylinder by means of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor.

Solutions for BLDC motors

To simplify the design of these solutions, ST has a full range of three-phase gate drivers and Power MOSFETs for driving BLDC motors, including for 48 V domains. We can provide SPC5 32-bit automotive microcontrollers, dedicated power management ICs, and CAN transceivers as well as a wide range of flexible and innovative application-specific standard products (ASSP), covering any possible system partitioning.