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Brushed DC motor

Brushed DC motor are commonly used in industrial and automotive applications such as robots, valves and healthcare equipment. When only one direction of rotation is required, a single switch topology with PWM modulation can be used to vary the voltage applied to the motor, and thus to control its speed. When positioning is required or when both directions of rotation are needed (e.g. car windows) a full H-bridge with PWM control is used. 

Our products and solutions

At lower power levels, ST offers a full set of integrated motor drivers with a progressive selection of integrated features, embedded gate drivers, power transistors, protection functions, current sensing and even DC-DC converters. For higher power needs, ST’s portfolio also includes discrete low voltage power MOSFETs and gate driver ICs to implement the required H-bridge. A general-purpose 8-bit microcontroller or a cost-optimized 32-bit microcontroller can be used to implement these drives.