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Diagnostic Equipment

Tools and Software
Medical diagnostic equipment and instruments must deliver highly reliable and accurate data about a person's vital signs to provide doctors and medical personnel with the best possible data so they can accurately diagnose health issues.  The greatest challenge lies in handling the low-level vital signs. In addition to ensuring the lowest possible power consumption for battery-powered equipment, manufacturers of medical devices or sensors must guarantee that data gathered is stored and exchanged in a highly secured fashion to meet increasing concerns, and associated regulation, on data privacy that is even more critical for diagnostic information.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure meters (BPM) estimate a person’s blood pressure by measuring the pressure in occluding cuff and then calculating systolic and diastolic pressure values using algorithms based on statistical data and/or neural network methodologies. BPM
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Digital Thermometer

Digital medical thermometers are increasingly used in nursing homes and healthcare facilities, replacing their more fragile mercury-filled counterpart. Available as touchless models, they prevent contact between patients and medical workers, thereby
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Glucose Meter

Today’s blood glucose meters (BGM), also known as glucometers, measure a person’s blood glucose level by means of a chemical reaction between a blood drop with a test strip specifically designed for the meter’s model and manufacturer. Ambient humidit
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Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring equipment provides medical staff with the means to continuously observe a patient’s vital signs, such as the heart’s electrical activity with an electrocardiogram (ECG), over an extended period of time. They come in a variety of de
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Our products and solutions

ST offers a broad range of products including ultra-low-power STM32 microcontrollers, high-efficiency power and battery management ICs as well as high-performance operational amplifiers and comparators and protection devices together with a range of low-power connectivity ICs including NFC and RFID tags and readers to help engineers design innovative diagnostic solutions.