LED Drivers

ST offers linear and switching LED driver ICs specifically designed for automotive interior and exterior LED lighting applications.

automotive LED driver

Equipped with a set of protection and diagnostic functions and designed to minimize external component count, they provide a compact and optimized solution. With on-chip serial peripheral interface (SPI) and other specific functionalities, they represent ideal companions to a microcontroller.

All LED driver ICs are manufactured and qualified to meet and exceed Automotive industry requirements.
Automotive-grade LED drivers include:

  • Constant current DC–DC converter LED drivers
  • Flexible high power LED drivers
  • High-side LED drivers

L99LDLH32, tailored for  vehicles’ LED and OLED rear lights, is a linear current regulator with 32 constant current sources for precise and accurate lighting control. Its design minimizes ripple, guards against transients, regulates voltage, and prevents short circuits, ensuring rear lighting uniform brightness and reduced flicker for enhanced safety and reliability.


Success story

Watch our demo and discover how Audi AG cooperated with ST and OLEDworks to develop and deliver a next-generation OLED solution for an automotive rear lighting system. Thanks to customized and animated lighting patterns controlled by our multichannel high-side driver ICs, this unique design styling provides additional value in customer safety.