Automotive Audio Processors

ST’s wide portfolio of analog and digital signal processors covers the full range of features and channel configurations for the car-audio application spectrum, from low-end solutions to high-end premium audio systems. More than 40 analog signal processors offer a large choice for the number of inputs, number of output channels, and baseband audio functions, including EQ, dynamic compressors, subsonic filters, and more. Alternatively, a fully digital solution with embedded 20-bit audio ADCs and DACs is based on a proprietary 24-bit DSP specifically crafted for audio applications.

Depending on the product, ST signal processors feature: 

  • Selectable differential and single-ended analog input source (AM/FM, tape, CD/DVD, phone/Navi aux) 
  • Selectable digital input sources supporting the most common standards (I²S, S/PDIF)
  • Various output configurations
  • Balance, fader, tone and volume control, graphic equalization, subsonic filters, dynamic compressors, and more
  • Dual media play
  • FM stereo decoder