SPC58 C Line MCUs

The SPC58 Chorus C Line is part of our General-Purpose Automotive Power Architecture® MCUs. It is designed for body, networking and security applications such as secure onboard communication systems in connected vehicles.

The SPC58 Chorus C Line is offered in dual-core (SPC58EC) and single-core (SPC584C) versions with up to 4 Mbytes of Flash memory and it is to pin compatible with the other Chorus MCUs: SPC58 4B Line, SPC58 G Line and SPC58 H Line.

Designed in compliance with ISO 26262 specifications, the SPC58 C Line supports the ASIL-B safety standard as well as EVITA medium security level to secure on-board architecture and communication protocols such as Ethernet with Audio Video Bridging (AVB) capability.

SPC58 C Line MCUs are available in multiple packages ranging from 64-, 100-, 144-, and 176-pin TQFP packages with exposed pads for better thermal dissipation up to 292 LFBGA for high pin counts.

Our Automotive SPC5 MCUs benefit from a complete development ecosystem that includes a smart selector, our SPC5-Studio development environment, and a full range of hardware and software development and evaluation tools. 
Start your evaluation with SPC58EC-DIS and SPC58EC-DISP evaluation boards!

All automotive MCUs are part of ST’s longevity commitment program, which ensures continuity and stability of supply for ST customers.