Stellar Actuation MCUs

Electrification plays a major role in the transformation of mobility and energy systems and drives a consistently positive impact on climate change.

The transition to electric vehicles (EV) requires a significant shift in car architectures to minimize energy consumption, while guaranteeing performance, high-speed communication, and comfort. To be competitive, EV solutions need to address longer ranges and faster charging times and be mindful of the vehicle weight.

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ST’s Stellar E MCUs for power conversion, safety, and security

EV requirements include robust hardware devices that guarantee efficient power conversion and performance with superior levels of safety and security.

The ability to receive regular over-the-air software updates is central to feature enhancement. This allows unlocking services and guaranteeing crucial safety and security updates throughout vehicle lifecycles. Smart overnight upgrades are now required as soon as updates become available. They improve user experience with range and performance enhancements and the latest safety updates.

The key for superior EV performance is found in the vehicle's components and how they combine advanced digitalization with efficiency and innovation.


ST’s Stellar platform for new vehicle architectures is enriched with the new Stellar E series. This series of MCUs is tailored for the specific requirements of electrified vehicles, ensuring efficient actuation of power conversion and e-drivetrain applications.

The series is supported by a common ecosystem for control and actuation functions, guaranteeing a fast time-to-market.


Enhancing digital control for new wide bandgap technologies


The Stellar E series of actuation MCUs is designed to drive power conversion applications that require faster control loops to get the most out of SiC and GaN power technology products. At the same time, it supports state-of-the-art automotive requirements for functional safety and security in a single device.


Built-in, efficient, and secure over-the-air (OTA) reprogramming enables the continuous optimization of performance and post-sale upgrades of vehicle functions.

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Stellar E actuation MCUs are the ideal control companion chip for ST’s SiC and GaN products thanks to:

  • fast ADCs
  • highly precise PWM
  • high-speed protection features

Stellar E MCUs guarantee faster and more efficient charging cycles.

Our Stellar E products, SR5E1E3 and SR5E1E7, are designed to guarantee the highest power efficiency of on-board charging (OBC) and DC/DC converter applications. With these products, ST provides a rich ecosystem to simplify and shorten development time.