AUTOSAR is a standardized automotive software architecture that facilitates the exchange and update of software and hardware throughout a vehicle’s service life. It enables a transition from an ECU-specific software development to an application-oriented approach.
ST provides a full set of software components for the AUTOSAR Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) in addition to Complex Device Drivers (CDD) to support specific hardware peripherals.
With the provided software components (CDD and MCAL drivers), a system supplier can use one set of standardized basic software drivers over different applications within one configuration tool.

ST develops all software components in house, exploiting the knowledge of the hardware peripheral to create efficient and optimized drivers. An ISO 26262-certified development process is applied for the design and implementation of CDD and MCAL drivers.

ST’s CDD and MCAL drivers are integrated by 3rd parties to provide system suppliers with all the components required for the AUTOSAR architecture including the basic software (BSW) layer, OS and MCAL. Our 3rd-party partners can provide a complete off-the-shelf AUTOSAR solution.

ST offers a set of solutions developed with ST Partners.
Visit HighTec page for a set of solutions to help developers to integrate ST MCAL and 3rd-party components in your AUTOSAR applications.
ST AUTOSAR MCAL software is a licensed product.


ST's functional safety development processes ISO 26262 certified
DEKRA certified ST's software development processes for functional safety for automotive according to ISO 26262 
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