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Graphical user interface for the STEVAL-IOM001V1 and STEVAL-IOD003V1 IO-Link evaluation boards

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Product overview


The STSW-IOLINKGUI is designed to facilitate the control of the STEVAL-IOM001V1 and STEVAL-IOD003V1 evaluation boards based, respectively, on the L6360 and L6362A IO-Link transceivers.

The GUI works in combination with the GUIFW_IOM01M1 binary file included in the STSW-IOM001 software package, running on the NUCLEO-F446RE development board, and with the GUIFW_IOD01A1 binary file included in the STSW-IOD003 software package, running on the NUCLEO-L073RZ development board.

The STSW-IOLINKGUI automatically detects the firmware version running on the STM32 Nucleo board connected to your laptop/PC via a USB cable.

For the featured evaluation boards, it allows you to monitor and program the internal registers, the UART interface, the digital signals and the interrupt status of the related IO-Link transceiver.

The GUI is available free of charge on

  • All features

    • Automatic firmware version identification
    • For the STEVAL-IOM001V1:
      • Control of the evaluation board through the NUCLEO-F446RE board
      • L6360 address selection
      • I²C control for internal register configuration and monitoring
      • Dedicated control of L6360 RESET, ENL+,ENC/Q and SEL pins
      • Fault detection via IRQ pin monitoring
      • UART control (INC/Q, OUTC/Q) with speed selection (COM1, COM2, COM3)
      • LED1 and LED2 control
    • For the STEVAL-IOD003V1:
      • Control of the evaluation board through the NUCLEO-L073RZ board
      • Dedicated control of L6362A EN/DIAG and SEL pins
      • UART control (IN2, OUTI/Q) with speed selection (COM1, COM2, COM3)
      • Fault detection via OL and EN/DIAG pin monitoring

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