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PC software installer for ST25R3916-DISCO and STEVAL-25R3916B boards

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Product overview


STSW-ST25R010 contains the ST25R3916 Discovery graphical user interface (GUI) to control the ST25R3916-DISCO and STEVAL-25R3916B boards from a Windows® PC.

This firmware features a USB controlled mode, enabled by the User button. In this mode the GUI allows the user to evaluate the features of the ST25R3916 and ST25R3916B devices, and helps in the development of NFC universal devices, or any other NFC application based on them.

STSW-ST25R010 is available for free download from

  • All features

    • Supports several RF protocols and featuresISO14443-A / NFC-AISO14443-B / NFC-BFeliCa / NFC-FISO15693 / NFC-V
    • Active P2P (peer to peer) according to ISO18092, including SNEP
    • ST25R3916/ST25R3916B wakeup feature
    • Automatic antenna tuning
    • ST25R3916/ST25R3916B register access
    • Card emulation in NFC-A (106 kbps) and NFC-F (212 and 424 kbps)
    • Access to all features of ST25 tags thanks to ST25PC NFC software
    • Dynamic power output (DPO)
    • ST25R3916/ST25R3916B analog configuration

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