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Battery holder for cylindrical batteries and battery management system node for automotive applications

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Product overview


The battery management system (BMS) is a fast-growing application pervading several fields of the electronic industry including automotive and industrial markets.

To support fast evaluation and meet stringent time-to-market for BMS solutions, the AutoDevKit ecosystem has been extended to include a specific cylindrical battery holder.

The purpose of this extension is to quickly create a battery pack to evaluate ST BMS solution based on the AEK-POW-BMS63EN analog front-end node hosting the L9963E and the AEK-COM-ISOSPI1 ISOSPI transceiver hosting the L9963T.

The AEK-POW-BMSHOLD battery holder contains a maximum of 14 cells, all connected in series, and a dedicated slot and connector for the AEK-POW-BMS63EN board.

To build a complete battery pack in both centralized or dual-ring topologies, you can stack up to three / four AEK-POW-BSMHOLD kits (the limit is the stackable weight). A separate bag inside the kit package contains six M3x12 mm pan steel screws, four M3x25 mm plus six M3x30 mm hexagonal steel spacers. These elements can be used to mount another AEK-POW-BMSHOLD layer.

The AEK-POW-BMSHOLD has a long satin ribbon tied to a buttonhole on the plexiglass used to support easy battery removal.

The internal wiring of the featured 4-pole mammoth connector allows adding a sensing resistor between pin 2 and pin 3. Pin 1 and pin 4 are, respectively, the positive and the negative terminals of the mockup. For demo purposes, a 100 mΩ, 10 W, ±1% precision resistor is included in the kit package.

The AEK-POW-BMS63EN node board has to be connected to the crimped central connector provided in the AEK-POW-BMSHOLD kit. The connector is organized as follows:

  • Pin 1 is the cell VBAT
  • Pin 2 to 16 are dedicated to the battery connections
  • Pins 17 and 18 are ext Ground
  • Pins 19 and 20 are ISenseP and ISenseM
  • Pins 21 to 30 are dedicated to NTCs for temperature sensing. The even numbers with yellow cables are NTC-, whereas the odd numbers with blue cables are NTC+. Five 10 kΩ, ±1% tolerance NTC thermistors are provided in the kit.

The AEK-POW-BMSHOLD kit supports INR 18650 battery type. The estimation of SoC and SoH included in AutoDevKit Studio is computed through an extended kalman filter with characterization data coming from INR 18650 MJ1 batteries by LG.

  • All features

    • 14-slot battery holder for cylindrical INR 18650 battery cells (not included)
    • All batteries are connected in series
    • Proper housing for the AEK-POW-BMS63EN BMS node (not included)
    • Easy battery removal supported by a satin ribbon
    • Low-side current sensing through an external resistor included in the package a 100 mΩ, 10 W resistor
    • Five NTC thermistors (included)
    • Stackable kit to build a compact battery pack (mechanical parts included)
    • Dimensions 425 x 120 x 52 mm
    • Included in the AutoDevKit ecosystem

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