Stepper Motor Drivers

ST's portfolio of STSPIN stepper motor drivers spans from relatively simple ICs with current control and phase generation to more complex solutions.

They combine in a single chip all that is needed to autonomously drive a stepper motor using high-level motion commands coming from the motor or motion control system host – a microcontroller, DSP or FPGA.

Stepper motor driverAvailable in a large selection of space-saving, thermally-enhanced packages, STSPIN stepper motor drivers provide a ready-to-use, optimized solution for motor and motion control systems in a wide range of voltage and current ratings.

ST also offers a system-in-package (powerSTEP01) integrating both the control circuitry and a complete power stage (8 N-channel 16 mOhm MOSFETs) in a QFN package for compact, high-power stepper motor applications (85 V and 10 A).

The STSPIN portfolio comes with extensive low-cost evaluation hardware and software as well as a technical documentation toolbox to help minimize time to market.

The benefit of our 10 and 15 year longevity program is available for our industrial grade STSPIN motor drivers.

Smooth & silent stepper motor driver

STSPIN820 256 µsteps capable, and 45 V rated stepper motor driver perfectly suits new-generation applications, thanks to:

  • Extreme position accuracy and motion smoothness: with up to 1/256 microsteps per full step
  • Integration of the PWM control and the power stage made by 500 mΩ RDS(ON) MOSFETs guarantees one of the best performance-cost trade-offs
  • Easy step-clock and direction interface
  • 7 to 45 V operating voltage for wide range of applications
  • Maximum reliability: UVLO, over-current and thermal protections
  • Compact 4 x 4 mm QFN makes it the smallest integrated microstepping driver with these ratings

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