Automotive protection devices

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ST’s automotive-grade protection device series meets all standard needs for automotive including:

  • ESD protection
  • Load-dump protection
  • Power-rail transient voltage suppressor (TVS) protection

As such, ST’s TVS clamping diodes, or Transil™, are designed to protect sensitive automotive circuits against overvoltage surges defined in ISO 7637-2 and against electrostatic discharges according to IEC 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605.

The broad range of devices addresses all the protection sockets in automotive applications, from infotainment, navigation, communication, audio and video to battery charging systems, smart junction boxes, and relay and power-line protection.

Standard automotive bus interfaces are supported to meet applications requiring CANbus, LINbus, and FLEXray.

Automotive-grade protection devices portfolio