ST's EOS 8/20 µs power surge protectors and suppressors offer standard compliance to the IEC 61000-4-5 surge standard. Including transient voltage surge suppressors, TVS clamping or Transil™ diodes, ST's EOS 8/20 protection devices:

  • Shield against surges related to power and datalines
  • Fully support both power line and dataline application class requirements

Specific devices are available and optimized for specialized applications such as gigabit Internet, power over Ethernet (PoE), sensor protection, metering and telecom power rails. A large choice of packages, from 0402 to SMC packages, is provided to bring flexibility to designers and reliability to the application.

EOS 8/20 surge protection portfolio

STRVS: repetitive overvoltage suppressors

The STRVS is the first TVS series to be specified against repetitive overvoltages in high temperature conditions. Repetitive surges may raise protection device temperature. Protection devices must be selected according to their power capability at high junction temperatures and their clamping voltage specified at high temperature.
For design guidance, ST application note AN4209 “Design Methodology of TVS in repetitive mode: STRVS” is available.