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Based on an optimized process layout resulting in improved RF performance over the HF and VHF frequency bands, ST’s 50 V RF DMOS transistors are ideal for ISM, HF transceivers and FM broadcast applications. They exhibit outstanding RF gain (>20 dB) and power saturation (up to 450 W) combined with high breakdown voltage (up to more than 200 V) and improved ruggedness.

Key features

  • Output power: up to 350 W
  • High breakdown voltage BVDSS: up to more than 200 V
  • Extremely high ruggedness: infinite:1 VSWR all phases
  • Best in-class reliability: 1 million power cycles
  • Low thermal resistance
  • ST air cavity (STAC®) package option for improved junction-to-case thermal resistance (-25%) and improved RF performance compared to ceramic packages

Moisture-resistant 50 V RF DMOS transistors

Thanks to the gel-filled package cavity, the 150 W SD2931-12MR and 300 W SD4933MR provide a cost-effective solution for industrial equipment operating in high-moisture environments. The gel protects the die from electro-migration such as silver dendrite migration, a well-known phenomenon in standard ceramic packages that occurs due to a combination of high temperature, biasing and humidity. The SD4933MR also features the industry’s highest breakdown voltage (> 200 V) combined with a 65:1 load mismatch capability in all phases for the most robust design needs.

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