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Based on an optimized process layout, ST’s 36 V LDMOS transistors meet the stringent peak power (>350 W) and ruggedness requirements (>10:1 VSWR) of avionics and radar applications.
The ST air cavity (STAC®) package option features excellent thermal behavior and higher MTTF combined with improved RF performance (enhanced gain and PSAT) compared to ceramic devices.

Key features

  • Applications: IFF Mode S, TCAS, DME/TACAN, JTIDS/MIDS, L Band radar
  • Frequency: 1030 to 1090 MHz, 960 to 1215 MHz, 1200 to 1400 MHz
  • Supply voltage: 36 V
  • Output power: up to more than 350 W
  • Gain: >15 dB
  • Efficiency: >50%

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