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Side mirror solution

Solution Description

This solution describes a cost-effective mini zone controller for automotive side mirror applications using an SPC58 2B general-purpose automotive 32-bit Power Architecture MCU and an L99DZ200G multi-output driver that controls the folding/unfolding, x/y-axis mirror inclination, electrochromic dimming, and defrosting functions.

The L99DZ200G integrates a current monitor to accurately detect the mechanical endstop limits. The L99DZ200G can also drive two strings of LEDs for turn signals or puddle lights.

Moreover, external encoders can be added to determine the effective position of the side mirrors and send the acquired data to the MCU to implement safety features or create a specific “positioning” profile for each vehicle user.

An optional feature allows the mini zone controller to be driven through CAN messages from a host ECU.

  • All Features

    • Advanced functionality
      • Safety features
      • Customizable and recordable user profile
      • Board can be used either as an independent node or as a slave can unit
    • Performance benefits
      • High reliability
    • BOM savings
      • The L99DZ200G performs several functions in a single chip