What our customers expect

  • The ability to address all stakeholders expectations (like the financial community, NGO and governments) to be a sustainable worldwide partner.
  • Conduct of our business with the highest ethical standards and a strong sense of social responsibility
  • Compliance with the highest worldwide standards

Our answer

In STMicroelectronics, Sustainability is integrated throughout our entire business allowing us to maximize opportunities in areas such as sustainable technology and innovation, as well as helping us to predict and mitigate risks in our operations and business performance.

Our Code of Conduct is all about our values, which have been part of our corporate culture for three decades.

  • Integrity: we conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, honor our commitments, deliver on our promises, are loyal and fair and stand up for what is right.

  • People: we behave with openness, trust and simplicity; we are ready to share our knowledge, encourage everyone’s contribution, develop our people through empowerment, teamwork and training; each one of us is comitted and personally involved in the continuous improvement process.

  • Excellence: we strive for quality and customer satisfaction and create value for all our partners; we are flexible, encourage innovation, develop our competences, seek responsibility and are accountable for our actions; we act with discipline, base our decision on facts, and focus on the priorities.

We are committed to sustaining a high level of product innovation with a particular focus on delivering solutions that help enrich people’s lives, make society work better, and protect the planet (energy consumption, ecological footprint etc).

ST is certified ISO 14001, OHSAS. ST is an active member of the Responsible Business Alliance (formerly EICC)