Discover CAN FD Light, ST's new protocol designed for tomorrow's car network architectures

Join us for a one-hour webinar and Discover CAN FD Light, ST's new network protocol for tomorrow's car architectures.


This webinar was broadcasted Thursday, October 29th 2020



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A cost-effective solution, CAN FD Light ensures best performance.

Join us for a one-hour webinar where we will present ST's CAN FD Light, a new communication bus protocol designed for tomorrow's car network architectures.

Our experts will describe the key drivers of evolving car network architectures before presenting insights about trends in tomorrow's vehicle architectures with a dedicated example of a lighting solution. 

A fully integrated solution, CAN FD Light makes sure that the available network bandwidth can be utilized up to 100% without the need for costly external components as compared to existing solutions.Our new communication protocol provides several automotive-grade safety measures including the well-known integrity check implemented in standard CAN FD networks.

Developers will appreciate that the new CAN FD Light protocol is fully supported by the existing toolchain and that additional investments in a new network are not required by end-users.In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • The key steps in the evolution of car networking architectures from today to tomorrow and the future
  • Better understanding the impact of domain-oriented architectures with an example of a car lighting solution
  • Key advantages of using CAN FD Light in networking architectures
  • Benefits and limitations of CAN FD based communication networks
  • In-depth study of a practical CAN FD light communication use case with digital OLED technology
  • Overview of automotive applications using a zonal gateway architecture

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Fred Rennig

After studying electrical engineering at the Technical University Munich (TUM), Fred worked for AT&T and Texas Instruments in Germany and the United States before joining ST in 2004 as Project Manager and Design Lead for Automotive Mixed Signal ICs. Since 2010, Fred is a Technical Marketing Principal Engineer and Member of ST's Technical Staff as a system engineer for Automotive Networking and Network Security.