04 Feb 2005 | Geneva

Schottky Diodes from STMicroelectronics for Consumer Electronics Power Supplies

New 150V devices offering high efficiency and high junction temperature rating suited for consumer equipment applications
Geneva / 04 Feb 2005

Geneva, February 4, 2005 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has introduced a series of 150V Schottky diodes for use in the secondary rectification of fly-back power supplies in equipment such as DVD players, set-top boxes, TVs and Hi-Fi's.

The STPS1150, STPS2150 and STPS3150 are 150V Schottky diodes that can handle continuous forward currents of up to 1, 2 and 3A, respectively. The parts were designed for applications where a 100V diode cannot be used and a 200V part is more expensive, yet less efficient.

Schottky diodes have three characteristics that make them more useful than conventional P-N junction rectifiers. The first is a lower forward voltage drop (VF), which reduces rectification losses and so calls for smaller heatsinks. The second key characteristic is the negligible reverse recovery charge, which means near-zero switching losses within the Schottky. The third important characteristic is the part's ability to minimize voltage transients and oscillations during fast switching, reducing the size of snubber components needed and overall power dissipation.

The STPS1150, STPS2150 and STPS3150 offer a low VF for higher efficiency, a high maximum junction temperature of 175°C, and low leakage current.

The Schottky diodes are available in industry-standard surface-mount (SMA, SMB) and axial-lead (DO-201AD, DO-15, DO-41) packages. Prices range from US$0.20 to US$0.30 in quantities of 100,000 pieces.

Further information on this product and ST's complete range of rectifiers is available at: www.st.com/rectifiers

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