650V PowerGaN G-HEMT transistors in PowerFLAT 5x6 HV package for high efficiency power supplies

Improved energy efficiency combined with higher switching frequencies for more compact and lighter system designs

The SGT120R65AL and SGT65R65AL enhancement mode, normally off transistors feature very low specific RDS(on) per unit area, zero reverse recovery charge, and very low intrinsic capacitances for higher system power density and efficiency.

These GaN technology devices can switch far more efficiently than conventional silicon devices, with higher frequency operation allowing smaller passive components in more compact and lighter systems. Target applications include consumer equipment such as tablet and notebook adapters and wireless chargers for the SGT120R65AL, and AC-DC converters, UPS, and LED illumination for the SGT65R65AL.

650 V, 75 mOhm typ., 15 A, e-mode
PowerGaN transistor

650 V, 49 mΩ typ., 25 A, e-mode
PowerGaN transistor

Key features

  • Enhancement mode normally off transistor
  • Very high switching speed
  • High power management capability

  • Extremely low capacitances
  • Kelvin source pad for optimum gate driving
  • Zero reverse recovery charge

Key applications

USB Type-C PD adapters and quick chargers
Adapters for tablets, notebook and AIO
Wireless chargers
AC-DC converters
LED illumination

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STPower GaN transistors are highly efficient transistors based on gallium nitride (GaN), a relatively new wide bandgap compound that provides real added value in power conversion solutions, including higher efficiency and power density. 

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The major challenge of power electronics today is dealing with the growing need for improved efficiency and power performance and at the same time, the constant pursuit of cost and size reductions. The introduction of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology moves in this direction and, as it becomes increasingly available commercially, its use in power conversion applications is growing. 



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