PoE supply reference designs


A range of IEEE 802.3bt compliant, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) supply reference designs for a variety of use cases


Combining the newest PM8804 and PM8805 PWM controllers with our broad offer of power management and conversion products, we have created a set of designs that can help quickly add efficient PoE solutions into a range of equipment:


STEVAL-POE005V1, 12V-8A DC-DC forward converter with active clamp reference design is a perfect fit in Surveillance equipment.


STEVAL-POE002V1, 5V/8A DC-DC fly-back converter with active synchronous rectification and STEVAL-POE003V1, 5V/20A DC-DC forward converter with active clamp reference designs are ideal for Point-of-Sales equipment


STEVAL-POE001, an IEEE 802.3bt compliant interface together with STEVAL-ISA152V1, 3.3 V/3 A high efficiency DC-DC step down  converter evaluation board can help with VoIP phone designs.


STEVAL-POE006V1, a 3.3V/20A DC-DC forward converter with active clamp reference design is a perfect fit for PoE access point.

We have more for your PoE design: products, HW and SW evaluation and development tools and a range of design resources. Discover here