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Point of sales

Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) equipment ensures the fast and secure processing of electronic financial transactions. ePOS terminals are one of the most complex designs in the NFC world. They must comply with strict payment standards including EMVCo LVL1 & 2, or PBOC (a scheme used in China), and PCI, as well as certifications such as the FCC Declaration of Conformity.  Often connected to a central server for inventory management and sales reports, a complete ePOS system can consist of multiple fixed terminals but also portable and battery-powered devices required to validate the payment. In the case of mobile terminals, wireless connectivity, typically Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi or cellular, is required. 

ePOS, ECR and cash drawer

Point of Sale (POS) terminals enable secure payment transactions by reading information on debit or credit cards – using either one of the established standards including ISO/IEC 7816 serial, ISO/IEC 14443 contactless and magnetic stripe readout – an
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Mobile POS

A clear trend in Point-of-Sales is to replace conventional ePOS devices with tablets and smartphones executing a POS mobile app and providing the required backend and connectivity to a mobile POS terminal (mPOS). The mPOS might even provide LTE conne
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Payment dongles

Payment dongles are the most basic mPOS devices typically connected via an audio jack or BLE to a mobile device that also provides the PIN pad. mPOS dongles run EMVCo Level 1 and 2 contact and contactless stacks as well as basic tamper detection and
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Our products and solutions

ST has many products particularly suited for these types of applications: NFC readers, ultra-low-power STM32L4 microcontrollers, and our Blue-RNG Bluetooth Low Energy system-on-chip. To complete the offer, ST’s portfolio includes convenient USB-C charging and wireless charging Qi solutions.