Next-generation Automotive Door Zone System ICs boost power efficiency and enable tomorrow's car electrification

Designed to optimize the door zone architecture, including for power trunk applications, the Front drives Rear topology positions the main electronics of the front and rear doors inside the front door module (both driver and passenger sides).

door zone

Developed for this particular topology, a single L99DZ200G door zone systems IC with enhanced power management features can drive from the front position two window lifts, the one located in the front door and the one located in the rear one.

For power trunk solutions, the L99DZ200G can manage both spindle motors used to raise and lower the power trunk. In addition to being able to control the e-latch that locks the power trunk itself, it can also be used to manage other typical loads located in the power trunk (buzzer, Hall-effect sensor supplies, LED and bulb supplies and more).

Developer resources to help prototype and test designs

To help automotive engineers prototype and test their designs, ST offers a comprehensive set of developer resources to reduce time to market


A dedicated L99DZ200G evaluation board (EVAL-L99DZ200) includes a motherboard based on an automotive-grade SPC582B60 microcontroller that provides the logic section for monitoring and driving the L99DZ200G IC assembled on the daughterboard. Complete with LIN and HS CAN physical communication layers for dual H-bridge driving, the board ensures automotive engineers can quickly get started with prototyping.

User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for L99DZ200G evaluation board

User-friendly graphic user interface GUI for L99DZ200G evaluation board

Developed using C++, this intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) works with SPC582B60-board motherboard programmed with dedicated firmware that drives the L99DZ200G device assembled in the daughter board.

It gives developers complete access to all available L99DZ200G settings and parameters.

Power liftgate controller board based on L99DZ200G multioutput driver

Power liftgate controller board

Part of our AutoDevKit initiative, our AEK power liftgate functional board (AEK-MOT-TK200G1) is designed as a zone controller and can control up to three DC motors via the L99DZ200G H-bridge gate drivers.

Built around a general-purpose SPC582B60E1 automotive microcontroller, the board supports current sensing on both H-bridges for Hall-effect sensor positioning and detecting obstacles encountered while opening/closing the liftgate.

Developed with preloaded firmware, developers can easily control the board using an external domain controller via the CAN bus. Additional software components are available via the AutoDevKit software library (STSW-AUTODEVKIT) running on the user-friendly SPC5-STUDIO development environment.

Application examples

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