L99H02: Flexible H-Bridge DC Motor Driver


DC motor driver able to adapt the external power stage for different electronic applications

The L99H02 is designed to drive 4 external N-channel MOS transistors in H-bridge configuration for DC-motor driving in automotive applications. A free configurable current sense amplifier is integrated. The integrated SPI interface allows to manage the device and provides diagnostic information. An interface pin for the thermal sensors of the external MOSFETs is implemented.

Key features of L99H02

  • Embedded thermal sensors with an interface pin for reverse battery protection of external MOSFETs
  • Two package options for optimizing either PCB area or power dissipation
  • Free SPI-configurable current sense amplifier able to multiplex two shunts
  • Programmable thermal, undervoltage, overvoltage and cross-current protections

Application examples

DC motor driving Generic DC motor driving
Windscreen wipers Windscreen wipers
Seat positioning Seat positioning
Parking brake Parking brake
Power doors Power doors
Window lifts Window lifts
Steering wheel Steering wheel
Seatbelt pre-tensioner Seatbelt pre-tensioner

How to test & prototype with L99H02


Ready-to-use evaluation boards with dedicated user-friendly software and GUI for easy parameter setting and display of real-time diagnostics

EVAL-L99H02XP (PowerSSO-36) DC motor control evaluation board

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EVAL-L99H02QF (LQFP 32) DC motor control evaluation board

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Application note (AN5483): Designing with the L99H02

Walks the engineer through the design decision process for developing a higher current motor control application.

pdf designing with l99h02