L99UDL01 - Configurable actuator control IC for driving multiple brushed DC motors

l99udl01 configurable actuator control ic

Flexible and configurable multiple motor control solution with 6 integrated outputs and advanced diagnostics

Able to drive several brushed DC motors as well as two external high-power half-bridges, the L99ULD01 can be used in several different configurations and offers advanced diagnostics and protections for increased motor reliability and longevity.

Key features of L99UDL01

  • Six integrated fully protected and independent 0.09 Ω half bridges; up to three Half Bridges can be connected in parallel providing 12A as overall output current
  • Very low current consumption in standby
    • Only wake-up circuit active
  • High level of programmability
    • On-time duration
    • Direction
    • Current level
    • Off-state fault detection
  • 2 external half bridge controllers (using external N-channel MOSFETs or Smart Power devices)

Application examples

vending machine Vending machines
coffee machine Professional coffee machines

How to test & prototype with L99UDL01

Choose a development kit to start testing the capabilities and features of L99UDL01:

l99udl01 evaluation kit board

L99UDL01 evaluation kit

Comprehensive evaluation solution that lets you try out various configurations and develop prototypes so that you can quickly find the best design.

EVAL-L99UDL01 Graphical User Interface

User-friendly GUI for L99UDL01 evaluation kit.

Solution/Reference design SL-L99UDL01 : Multiple Motor Smart Control Solution

This solution describes a smart way to control multiple DC motors in applications with short-time duty cycles. A flexible and low-cost solution that allows several different configurations, it also offers advanced diagnostics and protections for increased motor reliability and longevity.

Product presentation

Overview on L99UDL01 target applications and specifically on vending machine.

multiple smart motor control pdf
l99udl01 flyer pdf

Configurable Solution for Motor Control and Load Actuation

A smart and flexible way to control multiple DC motors in several different configurations with advanced diagnostics for increased motor reliability and longevity.