Automotive linear voltage regulator 8 fixed configurable output voltages

With 8 fixed configurable output voltages from 0.8 to 5 V, the L99VR02J offers a rich set of features to help meet functional safety requirements

A low dropout linear voltage regulator designed for automotive applications, the L99VR02J delivers up to 500 mA of load current and consumes only 1 μA of quiescent current when disabled.
With an operating input voltage range between 2.15 and 28 V, this LDO offers 8 selectable fixed output voltages from 0.8 to 5.0 V.
Able to operate both in post regulation, attached to a pre-regulated voltage, or directly connected to battery, the L99VR02J features enable, reset, autonomous watchdog, advanced thermal warning, fast output discharge and IShort control functions.
Available in PowerSSO-12 packages, its excellent thermal performance ensures a good fit with electronic applications in high-temperature environments.

Key features of L99VR02J

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Operating DC power supply voltage range from 2.15 to 28 V
  • Battery and post regulation operating modes are available
  • Low dropout voltage
  • Low quiescent current consumption
  • User-selectable output voltage (0.8 V; 1.2 V; 1.5 V; 1.8 V; 2.5 V; 2.8 V; 3.3 V or 5 V)
  • Output voltage precision ±2%
  • Enable input for enabling/disabling the voltage regulator
  • Output voltage monitoring with reset output
  • Negligible ESR effect on output voltage stability for load capacitor
  • Programmable autonomous watchdog through external capacitor
  • Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
  • Fast output discharge
  • Thermal shutdown and short-circuit current limitation
  • Advanced thermal warning and output overvoltage diagnostic
  • Programmable short-circuit output current
  • Wide operating temperature range (Tj = -40 to 175 °C)
  • Limited documentation available for customers that need support when dealing with ASIL requirements as per ISO 26262


Application examples

  • Navigation systems
  • MCU supplies
  • Audio systems
  • Powertrain systems
  • Automotive display drivers
  • Sensors (e.g. camera sensor)

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Automotive-grade LDO evaluation board with configurable output voltage and diagnostic features based on L99VR02J
Evaluation board

Based on the based on the L99VR02J LDO, this ready-to-use evaluation board is ideal for electronic applications that require stable power supplies in high-temperature environments.
The board can be used in a standalone configuration or with an external microcontroller that provides a watchdog signal to the regulator to monitor the active connection.
Part of the AutoDevKit ecosystem, a dedicated software pack is available that includes a dedicated driver for the AEK-POW-LDOV02J board as well as example code for quick and easy prototyping.

Getting started with the AEK-POW-LDOV02J automotive-grade LDO with configurable output voltage
User manual

According to the AutoDevKit paradigm, several MCU boards can be connected to the AEK-POW-LDOV02J evaluation board. The smallest available MCU is the SPC582B Chorus 1M.
The AutoDevKit ecosystem fully supports the hardware. This ecosystem consists of:
    - the SPC5-STUDIO development environment;
    - the SPC5-UDESTK debug and firmware download tool;
    - the STSW-AUTODEVKIT Eclipse plugin.
The AutoDevKit software includes a dedicated driver for the AEK-POW-LDOV02J as well as demo codes...


AutoDevKit development environment
Embedded software

Built around a user-friendly GUI for easy configuration and setup, the AutoDevKit library includes specific APIs for each of the AutoDevKit functional boards. Each set of APIs can be used either by beginner hardware engineers or using another method for experts with access very low-level board/chip advanced functions and features.

Code generator, quick resources configurator and Eclipse development environment for automotive MCUs

A user-friendly comprehensive framework to design, build and deploy embedded applications for ST's 32-bit automotive microcontrollers. Use its intuitive GUI to easily build embedded software by selecting the target MCU and combining pre-defined software components. The application wizard help you resolve dependencies automatically for a “syntax error free” project at first run.


L99VR02J: automotive linear voltage regulator with configurable output voltages

Thanks to its 8 selectable fixed output voltages from 0.8 to 5.0 V, the L99VR02J automotive low-dropout linear voltage regulator can be used for several electronic applications such as navigation systems, MCU supplies, audio systems, powertrain systems, automotive display drivers, sensors (e.g. camera sensor), portable electronic applications, batterypowered instruments, medical & healthcare...

Would you like to have a standardized and simplified design for your voltage regulators needs?
Product presentation

Thanks to the selectable fixed output voltage from 0.8 V to 5.0 V, the same device fully compliant with automotive requirements, can be used for several electronic applications, simplifying the design...